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Electrical Division.

Electrical Division.

A leading distributors of Electrical products within the Sultanate of Oman.

Electrical Division

Electrical Division


Electrical Division.

UNITRONIC Data communication systems

Our high-quality UNITRONIC data network cables and field bus components provide a forward-looking solution for all applications in industrial machinery and plant engineering. From transmission of simple control signals to field bus signals in complex network structures – we offer a dependable cabling and connection solution for almost every situation.


  • Fine-wire/multi-wire strand  bare copper wires
  • Core insulation made of PVC
  • Outer sheath made of PVC
  • Outer sheath colour: grey (RAL 7001)

Applicable Standards: VDE 0814 or VDE 0812

Temperature Range : -5 DegC to +70 DegC


  • Industrial machinery and plant engineering
  • Sensors and actuating elements Appliances
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Automated production processes and industrial robots
  • Bus systems
  • Computing and communication
UNITRONIC Data communication systems

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